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At Brisbane Pelvic Physiotherapy we provide inclusive pelvic physiotherapy services for all genders and all ages to the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane. Our team of Physiotherapists' are trained in Female and Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy as well as Children's Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction. Each of our Physio's has a specific area of special interest to make sure we can cater to you as a unique indivdual. We provide trauma-informed Physiotherapy services in private treatment rooms and cater to your individual needs with regard to examination and treatment.


We believe in finding and treating the CAUSE of your problems rather than just treating symptoms. 
About Us
Our Team


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BSc Physiotherapy Wits


PhD Clinical Medicine, MPhysT, BSc. Physiotherapy 


B. Physiotherapy



Keymax Serviced Offices

6 Sibley Street 

North Lakes 

We are directly next to Springbok Foods

Our Services



We help females throughout their entire life and treat anything relating to pee, poo, pelvic pain, periods, pregnancy, postpartum and procreation (painful intercourse). 


Pelvic problems are very common, 1 in 3 women experience urinary incontinence, 1 in 12 will have symptoms from Pelvic Organ Prolapse, 10% of women have endometriosis and around 80% of women will have pelvic girdle pain at some point in their lives. There is no need to struggle, help is available.

We also perform specific Postpartum Physiotherapy Check Appointments which are hour-long appointments performed any time after giving birth. We will check your pelvic floor recovery after pregnancy and labor, your tummy for abdominal separation (diastasis), assess your readiness to return to exercise and design a postpartum rehabilitation plan specific to your needs.

Female Pelvic
Male Pelic Health



Offering advanced care for men experiencing pelvic health issues.

Pelvic problems can greatly impact a man's quality of life, and we are here to help. Our approach involves a comprehensive understanding of the physiology of the pelvic region and personalized guidance to optimize its functioning. Whether you're dealing with complications after prostatectomy, urinary incontinence or urgency, bowel-related concerns, pelvic pain, or other conditions, our knowledgeable physiotherapists are ready to assist you. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your pelvic health and improve your overall well-being.

Don't suffer in silence. Seek the help you deserve. Our knowledgeable male pelvic physiotherapists will provide you with compassionate and specialized care. Take the first step towards a healthier, more comfortable life.


Please read our blog on What to Expect in a Male Pelvic Physio Appointment for more information.

  • Recover After Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation Programme

    • Pelvic Floor Exercise before and after Surgery

    • Post-prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence and Urgency

    • Post-surgical Erectile Dysfunction

    • Dispensing of Penile Clamps and Penile Pumps

  • Problems with Urinary Incontinence or Urgency

  • Constipation and Faecal incontinence

  • Chronic Pelvic Pain

  • Pudendal Neuralgia

  • Chronic Prostatitis


We provide advanced anorectal care. This is for patients who are under the management of colorectal surgeons, gastroenterologists, or other bowel specialists. Management of bowel-related conditions typically consists of education around the physiology of defecation (how you poo) and guidance around optimal defecation dynamics (fixing how you poo). We also help with the manipulation of stool consistency, pelvic floor muscle exercises, biofeedback techniques for dyssynergic defecation, and improving colonic motility. We will also help you to learn to regulate your nervous system to calm down your "fight, flight or freeze" response and activate the "rest and digest" system.

When coming for anorectal physiotherapy please book either a Female Pelvic Health or Male Pelvic Health appointment.

  • Constipation

  • Faecal Incontinence

  • Rectal Prolapse

  • Haemmroid and Anal Fissure Management

  • Dysynergic Defecation

  • Anorectal Pain

  • Proctalgia Fugax

  • Levator ani Syndrome

Anorectal Physio


Pricing Policy

Full payment is required at the appointment.

Payment can be made with debit or credit card.

Cash payments will only be accepted if you bring the exact cash amount.

Private Health Insurance

For patients using private health insurance, you will be required to pay the account in full and claim back from your health fund.

For details on your health fund rebate, please contact your health fund.

The Item Number for a Pelvic Health appointment is  #593


If you have been referred to our practice by your GP under the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM) - previously known as the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC), please inform us upon arrival, so that the necessary paperwork can be processed.
Please be advised that, due the length and complexity of our appointments, our clinic Does Not Bulk Bill under Medicare.

As we are a private physiotherapy clinic, you are required to pay our full fee at the time of your consultation and then claim the Medicare rebate back from Medicare.​ 

Work Cover

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting patients covered through Work Cover. 

Compulsory Third Party Claims (CTP)

Röscher Physiotherapy does not bill third parties. We request that patients pay on the day of their treatment and claim directly through their CTP Insurer. *Please note: CTP payments do not adequately cover the costs for treatment, please contact your Claims Manager for more information. You must provide a Medical Certificate to commence your treatment.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting patients covered through the Department of Veteran Affairs. 


SMS and Email Reminders

As a courtesy, we send an email confirmation of your appointment on booking your appointment and an SMS reminder the day before your appointment. We ask that patients take responsibility for remembering appointments.


Cancellation Policy

Please note a cancellation fee of 100% of the fee applies for sessions canceled less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment.  Our Physiotherapists have set aside time specifically to help you address your pelvic health concerns and as such we do enforce our cancellation policy.

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