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The Postpartum Physiotherapy Check

Have you recently had a baby?

How is your recovery going? Do you feel lost, unsure of what to do next, or how to return to exercise? Are you having problems with leaking? Are you worried about your tummy and wondering if you have a diastasus (ab separation)?

If you have answered yes to any of the above or you are just looking for some great advice then you may benefit from our Postpartum Physiotherapy Check at Brisbane Pelvic Physiotherapy.

What is a Postpartum Physiotherapy Check?

The Postpartum Physiotherapy Check at Brisbane Pelvic Physio is a 1-hour Physiotherapy appointment. At the appointment we look at how you are recovering after your pregnancy and giving birth. Each appointment is tailored to your specific needs and we focus on looking at and helping you with your major concerns after giving birth.

We look at everything from your posture, breathing and core to your bladder, bowels and pelvic floor.

Is the Postpartum Physio Check different to my check up with my doctor or midwife?

YES! The postpartum physio check is targeted at looking at your core and pelvic floor muscles after giving birth. We will also assess your bladder, bowel and sexual function after birth.

Should I skip my doctor or midwife check and rather just come to you?

NO! Our appointment looks at very different things and you must absolutely go for your doctor or midwife appointment.

What will you look at during the appointment?

We tailor each appointment to your specific areas of concern but generally, we look at the following areas

  • Posture Alignment and Movement

  • Abdominal Muscle Check for Diastasis

  • Breathing Patterns and Diapraghm Activation

  • Deeper Core Muscle Activation

  • Caesar Scar or Episiotomy Scars

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Assessment

  • Bladder and Bowel Problems

  • Prolapse Assessment

Depending on what we find we will design a specific rehab program for you that addresses what we find in the appointment

When is the best time to have a Postpartum Physiotherapy Check?

Generally, we advise new mums to come around the 6-week post-birth mark for their physio check.

Can I come earlier than 6 weeks?

If you are having problems with your bladder or bowel (such as leaking or severe constipation) or if you are having problems with moving around because of pain, you should come see us as soon as possible. The first 2 weeks after giving birth are generally a bit rocky and you need to give yourself time to recover. But, by 3 weeks you should be feeling much better; you shouldn't have significant pain and should definitely not be leaking urine. If you are having problems or are worried you can always send us an email at and we can advise you on when would be best to come. While we can't do an internal examination before 6 weeks there is still a lot we can look at and help with in those early days. You are also welcome to book a telehealth appointment if you would prefer.

Can I come later than 6 weeks?

Absolutely! We often see mums at about the 12 week mark when they are wanting to return to more impact based or intense exercise. It's never too late to have your Postpartum Physiotherapy Check.

What will happen at the appointment?

Before your appointment, we will send you a pre-appointment questionnaire by email (its quite long but gives us good information on where we should focus our appointment).

The first 20 minutes of the appointment will give you the opportunity to share your story and tell us about any areas of concerns you may have. We will also ask you a lot of questions about your bladder, bowel, pain, exercise goals, sexual function and anything else that is relevant to you.

The next 40 minutes will be for assessment and planning a rehabilitation programme for you.

We will do a posture and biomechanics examination in standing along with looking at your breathing and tummy while you stand and move. If you are willing, we will then do a pelvic examination. This will consist of looking externally at your vulva, perineum and anus, gently palpating for any scar tissue. You physio will then perform a single finger internal vaginal examination to assess how well the pelvic floor muscles are working. We do not use any speculums and the examination should not be painful. If you are struggling with pelvic pain please make sure to let us know and we will make sure the examination is adapted to suit your needs. You also do not need to have a vaginal examination if that is your preference

Do I have to have an internal vaginal examination?

No, you do not have to have an internal examination. The internal examination is very helpful for us to assess whether you have a prolapse and how your pelvic floor muscles are recovering. If you would prefer not to have a pelvic examination there is still a LOT we can assess and work with.

I had a Caesarian Section. Do I still need a Postpartum Physio Check?

Yes! Pregnancy affects the body in significant ways, and the pelvic floor is affected no matter what type of delivery you have had. Mums who have had c-sections often struggle with their core muscles and have not received any education on how to manage their caesar scar. During your appointment, we will look at what is concerning you the most and tailor the assessment and management plan for your specific needs.

Can I bring my baby with?

YES. Babies are absolutely welcome. Our treatment room is more than big enough to accommodate a pram. There is also ample space in the waiting room if you would like to bring someone with that can watch the baby.

Will I need more than 1 appointment?

This absolutely depends on you and how your post-birth recovery is going. With some new mums it is literally just a "check" like sending your car for a roadworthiness test. Other mums need more help with their recovery and will come in for a few appointments to help get them back on track.

At the end of your Check we will develop a rehab plan for you and decide together whether that entails you coming for further appointments

We work closely with other fitness professionals such as Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers and Pilates or Yoga instructors and are happy to chat with anyone you may be working with during your postpartum recovery period.

I still have more questions what should I do?

Please feel free to use the contact form below, or pop us an email at and one of our therapists will get back to you to answer any questions you may have.

How can I book an appointment?

All our bookings are made online. Click here to make a booking. Make sure you choose the "Postpartum Physiotherapy Check" appointment type so you receive the correct questionnaire.



This blog is informative in nature, and not meant as direct medical advice to you. Please ensure to see an appropriate medical practitioner and be appropriately advised on any medical conditions you may present with.


Authored by: Mandy Röscher

Mandy is one of the Pelvic Health Physiotherapists working at Brisbane Pelvic Physiotherapy. She has over 14 years of experience as a Physiotherapist and is passionate about all things pelvic health.


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