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Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise

Staying physically active is such an important way to stay healthy during pregnancy. Getting back into exercise after delivering the baby is equally as crucial.

As a Physiotherapist working in Pelvic Health I see a LOT of new Mums for a Postpartum Pelvic Floor Check Appointment. . If you have seen me for an appointment you will know that I truly believe in empowering my patients with the tools they need to manage themselves. I will always provide the support you need, but the more you can do for yourself on your own the happier I am! At any appointment, I will always give a starter rehab program and discuss how best to progress your exercise journey. But, in 45-60 minutes I can never give a comprehensive, long-term rehab program that will guide you along the way.

If you have seen me for one of those appointments I would probably have recommended The Empowered Motherhood Programme. It is such a fantastic resource to help guide you through exercise during pregnancy and help get back to the exercise that you want to do after you have delivered.

Reasons I love this programme

  • It has a complete step by step from the start of your pregnancy all the way to getting back to high impact high intesity exercise post delivery. It is a one stop rehab shop.

  • It has excellent videos for you to follow along with

  • It has a variety of exercise types and lengths

  • They help to custom build a programme for your specific needs

  • They have educational videos from various health care providers discussing all the important topics for pregnancy and postpartum

I am super excited to be one of their listed Physios and even more excited to be able to offer my patients a super special discount of an ongoing 10% off per month (use code BPP10 to access the discount!)

Go check out their website here!


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